her look is a young women’s fashion magazine that focuses on a certain fashion style in the fashion world. Inspired by my own sense of fashion style, this issue dives into the aspects of athleisure. In the magazine, readers can read about the rise of the fashion trend, how-to-wear, the impact, etc. Since most fashion magazines have a lot of photos, my goal is to aim for the balance of photos and articles; a takeaway from the fashion matter.
Client: Academic 
Target Market: 18 to 25, Young Adult Women 

Purpose of the Project: 
The purpose of the project was to create an magazine issue based off of any topic that you found interesting. From Editorial Design 2 class, the challenge was to self-direct and design a cohesive magazine piece by piece throughout the semester. By the end of the semester, the goal is to understand how to put together each magazine section and have a completed magazine issue that depicts the chosen topic.     
In the beginning of the research phase, I was partnered up with my classmate to brainstorm which topic we both wanted to focus on for our magazines. From the list of topics, we both agreed on doing a fashion magazine and came up with the magazine names; His Look & Her Look, a male & female magazine issue. 
During the research, I bought three existing magazines from a convenience store; one fashion magazine and two other ones that I admired the spread layouts. I was able to take a glance at the fashion magazine and realized the extensive amount of photos and advertisements it has. I have found the magazine had unique ways of displaying ads but was slacking on content material. The two other magazines had clean open space and dynamic interior layouts.   
I envisioned my fashion magazine to have a balance of photos, advertisements, and content material. The unique selling point of my magazine is each issue will focus on a certain fashion style to educate and inspire women.    
Type Trials:  
Before designing the magazine, I needed to organize and lay out which typefaces will work best as a headline, byline, dek, kicker, folio, etc. For the typefaces I have chosen, I had to repeat them in two different column grid (one spread for five columns and six columns). This will determined the style of fonts is suitable for the magazine's appearance. 
The Grid:  
Making the grid helps with adjusting the column space in between the body of texts. The grey colour blocking also helps to see the column space clearly. Establishing the grid expands my control of how close or far the columns will be from each other, towards the gutter, etc. 
My magazine issue revolved around athleisure; coordinating fitness clothing into everyday outfits. The mood board I made depicts the tone of athleisure, cool toned, dynamic photos to showcase the fashion style. The photography layouts and colour schemes will change for each issue as it represent the fashion style.     
Cover Variations:
With the magazine front cover, I explored female celebrities whose fashion style perfectly fits with the world of athleisure. Ariana Grande, the pop singer, has collaborated with Reebok a couple of times and built her 'comfort' style outwards with oversized hoodies paired with Reebok shoes. Beyonce Knowles, the R&B singer, created her own fashion line called Ivy Park in the athleisure industry. Both singers have proclaimed world-wide fame but catered a different generation of fans. My magazine's demographic is more leaned young adult women so having Ariana Grande as the cover will attracted that audience. 
In terms of composition, I experimented with a left and right alignment of the logo and subheads. The left aligned logo and the right alignment of the subheads flowed nicely as readers tend to read in that direction.             
Magazine Spread Layouts - Created on BlinkPlan 
her look Magazine Cover & Interior Spreads 
In the process of creating her look Magazine, I have learned about the development of creating and designing a magazine. I gained a lot of knowledge on the impact of editorial design and the intensive magazine process. It allowed me to explore new ways of the text & photo flow and think about the relationship between typography and imagery. 
The biggest challenge of the project was having to self-direct the creation of the magazine and time span. Making an entire magazine by myself took a lot of time and hard work; reassuring each page is designed according to my vision. If I had more time and no deadlines, I would definitely work on perfecting the layout design and possibly design the second issue. The project was an amazing learning opportunity to dive deeper into editorial design and experienced the satisfying feeling of seeing an entire semester work on paper.
Photo Credits to adidas, ASOS, Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, and Google Images  

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