Shizen is a fiction bubble tea cafe that embodies nature in all forms. From natural ingredients to eco-friendly materials, their mission is to revive the perspective of bubble tea. They brew quality tea ingredients with every drink they make, no artificial flavours whatsoever. They promote reusable mason jars and stainless steel straws, reducing plastic one step at a time. 

Client: Self-Directed
Target Market: 18 – 30, Women & Men
Purpose of the Project:
The purpose of the project is to develop a brand from scratch and apply the following branding techniques. As this project was self-driven, the challenge of the project was to create a new identity with a brand's background from the start up, seeing if this brand is realistic to be placed in the real world. By the end of the project, the goal was to further expand on my branding skills. 
Research & Concepts: 
For the research, I followed the brand research methods of looking at the overall industry, competitions, and target market overview. At this stage, I was able to get a scope of how certain bubble tea brands marketing themselves to the demographic. From the direct competitors, I chose well-know bubble tea brands that made the mark in popularity and searched their unique appeal. To add onto my research, I read over consumers' reviews on the competitors and their experiences. 

The weaknesses I found in the bubble tea industry are the packaging and customer experience:
•From the packaging, the industry uses a tremendous amount of plastic such as the straws and cups. This leads to an increase of plastic waste and harm to the environment. 
•From the customer experience, most bubble tea places have a fast-paced service for an order & go situation. This reflects how customer service gets lost and lack of customer relationship between the brand.

My goal for Shizen is to establish a brand that takes a stand against the plastic waste & pushes product reusability and create a sit-down customer experience.            ​​​​​​​
Mood boards:
To illustrate Shizen's image, I put together a few mood boards of the brand's art direction. Inspired by Japanese minimalism and the meaning of 'Shizen', I wanted the brand to reflect off as friendly, minimalistic, and warm-hearted.   
Type Trials: 
For the type trials, I've experimented with a variety of sans serif typefaces. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, I wanted the word type to have a light geometric style. I examined each font through distinctive letters (such as the "S" and "e") to determine Shizen's representation.
Logo Variations: 
After experimenting the type trials, I narrowed it down to two typefaces and pushed the ideations. From laying out the logo with Japanese characters to illustrating a variety of symbols, each variation portrays a different tone. The intent of combining the word type and symbol is to have a versatile logo that can be express through the marketing aspect.
Shizen's Marketing Applications
Shizen Outdoor Signage
Shizen Interior
Shizen Indoor Neon Signage
Shizen Wall Menu

Shizen – Overall Stationery (left to right: Email Template, Print Menu, Packaging, and Business Cards)

Shizen Uniforms
Shizen Merchandise
Shizen – Front Packaging
Shizen – Back Packaging
Shizen – Lookbook Guide Cover
Shizen – Opening Spread
Shizen – Introduction Spread
Shizen – Bubble Tea Guide Spread
Shizen – Gallery Photos
Shizen Instagram Profile
Shizen Instagram Post
Shizen Instagram Story Post
Shizen Instagram Story Post
Shizen Instagram Story Post
Throughout designing Shizen, I continued to push my branding techniques along the way. In creating a fiction bubble tea cafe, I was able to put emphasis on building the story of the brand. This allowed me to narrate the tone of the brand then follow behind the design elements. The process of making Shizen from scratch made me focus on how people will perceive the brand and its recognition.      
From this project, I have learnt the importance of the brand's tone and how it affects the overall customer experience. Setting the tone of the brand determines how people will feel and react. 
Photo Credits to Unsplash, Google Images, and Tea Bar

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