THREADS is a UK retail e-commerce that focuses on affordable premium shopping and updates customers on luxury deals. THREADS values the empowerment of boosting each female’s confidence through inexpensive fashion and for who they are. The goal of the rebrand is to take a simple clothing tag into something that embodies the brand’s stylish personality.  
Client: Academic
Target Market: 30 – 45, Middle to High Class Women

Purpose of the Project:  
The purpose of the project focused on the role of visual identity within branding and understand design within a business context. By taking my knowledge of brand identity from Corporate Design 1 class, the challenge of the project was to create a completely different identity for a company from its original intent. By the end of the project, the goal was to understand the process of designing a unique market and rationalize the material applications.
Research & Concepts: 
For the research, I’ve conducted a variety of research methods such as an industry, competitive and audience review. 
•The industry review accomplished the business function of THREADS; how the company narrates themselves in the business environment. It helped with understanding their strategy and marketing tactics. 
•The competitive review conducted a look into the general market around the area and pinpoints the direct competitors. This part was useful to give a glimpse of the direct competitors and their marketing strategies. 
•The audience review carved out the target market’s personalities. It allowed to define the audience with a face, name, and age so people can tie the brand to the target market.     
Type Trials:​​​​​​​
For the type trials, I've experimented with a variety of sans serif and decorative typefaces as I figured out the tone of the brand. I adjusted the type settings from the tracking, kerning, all caps, to see what would look readable.   
Logo Variations: 
After selecting the top three typefaces then narrowing down to one, I explored several ways of expressing the brand's logo. At this stage, 
I was envisioning a clothing label concept; depicting the word 'THREADS' as the stitching. 
Colour Schemes & Coloured Logos: 
Inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 and the overall trend of millennial pink, I wanted the logotype to embody this colour to stand out from the direct competitors. 
Marketing Material Variations: ​​​​​​​
Business Cards Variations
Business Card Variations
Website Landing Page Variation
Website Landing Page Variation
Ad Campaign Variations
Ad Campaign Variations
Ad Campaign Variations
THREADS Overall Marketing Applications
THREADS Brand Guidelines 
THREADS – Parcel Packaging, Thank You Card, Business Cards
THREADS – Website on Desktop & Mobile 
THREADS – Product Page on Desktop & Mobile 
THREADS – Facebook Profile on Desktop & Mobile
THREADS – Ad Campaign as Facebook posts
In the process of creating THREADS, I have learned the process of researching & designing effectively with intent. With the process of researching, I have gained knowledge on the significance of gathering the general market’s strategies. It gave me the ability to oversee the overall market and how they portrayed themselves to the public. The research stage was very crucial in terms of organizing and putting together my thought process for the design stage. 
The challenge of the project was not to jump right away into designing the brand but focus on the brand’s narrative. At first, it was difficult not to think about the brand’s aesthetics such as the logo, colours, etc. At the end of my research, I had a clear narrative that I can fall back to and explain why the design choices matches with the brand identity. This project has taught me how to strategically think about the market and drive my creativity to design a brand identity.       
Photo Credits to Pinterest, Google Images, and Unsplash  

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